Dream Team: January 2003

Style, contrary to popular belief (and also contrary to unpopular belief), does not have anything to do with the clothing being worn by skateboarders at this time. To bring together a team of people who would battle to the death based on whether they were wearing boot-cut or straight-leg jeans wouldn’t sell that well on Pay Per View. The cage match between the guy wearing the hoodie and the guy wearing the vintage cowboy shirt would not go over in Vegas. The “tight versus loose” heavyweight championship of the world is not that hot.

We’re talking method, we’re talking technique, we’re talking the form of skateboarding. And while focus groups the world over are creating feedback loops of kids influencing marketing, marketing influencing kids, and all of that producing what Old Navy ads label as “a stylish fashion,” the style of good skateboarding has nothing to do with groups or focus.

The word style, in this case, is used in regard to those underappreciated details that alone mean nothing, but when grouped together with timing and awareness, aim and thought, design and chaos, make up good skateboarding-100-dollar shoes or not.

All-Style Dream Team

Eric Koston
Tom Penny
Arto Saari
Mark Appleyard
Andrew Reynolds

Marc Johnson
Mike Carroll
Paul Rodriguez
Kenny Anderson
Mark Gonzales

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