Dream Team October 2002

All-Handrail Team

As far as who’s done what, where, and when (I guess we’re just supposed to forget about why and how), handrails and the tricks that go down upon their slightly varied forms have transformed skateboarding over the past decade. The streetplants of the millennium, boardslides and 50-50s now have the mandatory feel of your everyday gymnastics meet, but bigger rails and harder tricks add a pinch of “gnar,” giving all of skateboarding just a little extra flavor.

In other words, we all appear to be benefiting from a few guys cooking. So as their spiciness trickles down to the least worthy of us who struggle to ollie cleanly down a harsh set of five, this month’s Dream Team pays tribute to the hottest chefs in the business they tirelessly make skateboarding tastier by serving up handrails on a daily basis.

Mmm, mmm, good!

All-Handrail Team

Starting five:

Jamie Thomas (50 votes)

Arto Saari (40 votes)

Geoff Rowley (36 votes)

Chad Muska (35 votes)

Eric Koston (35 votes)


Matt Mumford (32 votes)

Heath Kirchart (27 votes)

Andrew Reynolds (24 votes)

Tosh Townend (22 votes)

Rick McCrank (20 votes)

It’s been a couple years since the famed Hubba Hideout in beautiful downtown San Francisco was a featured spot of a skateboard maneuver. Scour your area for past issues and compile your team of all-time Hubbe Hideout shredders. Go ahead and choose five starters and five reserves for your glory team.

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After reading this month’s interview issue cover to cover, you should have a good idea of the best interviews of all time. Now, dig into those memory banks and think switch all-time switch stance skateboarders, that is. Go ahead and choose five starters and five reserves for your glory team. Just pay skateboarding.com a quick visit, and then enter your selections.

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