The Pro Prelims on Friday night went off! Check out Jake Duncombe, Stefan Janoski, Brandon Westgate, Pete Eldridge, Lizard King, Shuriken Shannon and more in this Day 1 video highlights.


34 skaters in the Semi Finals. Top 18 skaters advancing to the Saturday semi finals are:

1st – Torey Pudwill (19) San Fernando Valley, CA
2nd – Peter Ramondetta (26) Tulsa, OK
3rd – Tommy Sandoval (23) Chula Vista, CA
4th – Chaz Ortiz (15) Chicago, IL
5th – Tony Trujillo (26) San Francisco, CA
6th – Brian Anderson (33) Groton, CT
7th – Kurtis Colamonico (24) Long Beach, CA
8th – Mark Appleyard (26) Toronto, CAN
9th – Sierra Fellers (22) Whitefish, MT
10th – David Gonzalez (18) Long Beach, CA
11th – Billy Marks (26) Corona, CA
12th – Chris Haslam (28) Vancouver, BC
13th – Adam Dyet (23) Salt Lake City, UT
14th – Brandon Westgate (20) Wareham, MA
15th – Andrew Pott (20) Inglewood, CA
16th – Geoff Rowley (33) Liverpool, ENG
17th – Silas Baxter-Neal (25) Evanston, IL
18th – Lizard King (24) Salt Lake City, UT

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