Earth Day At Bob Burnquist’s

Yesterday, Oakley and Bob Burnquist had a big open house at Bob’s ranch to celebrate Earth Day. We rolled out to his property in rural Vista, California, checked out all his ramps, and ate some good healthy organic food. The weater was good, the atmosphere was relaxed, and damn if that mega ramp isn’t gnarly as hell. Peep out the photos to see who was gettin’ Earthy and what new contraptions Bob has at his mega camp.

Geoff Rowley, DJ Baron, and Flip am Ben Nordberg rolled up just as we did.

The full pipe that Bob looped simply by pumping is still around.

The vert ramp/bowl/cradle is still huge.

Renee Renee and Oakley’s Dylan Radloff.

Markovich art on the side of the full pipe.

The loop that Bob did switch with a gap is still there. The place is like a museum of Bob’s gnarliest accomplishments.

The corkscrew in the background.

Tyler Hendley, kickturning on the 1/4 pipe.

It ain’t easy hiking up this bitch.

LIfesize Lego Bob! For kids in my generation that grew up with Legos, this is the ultimate tribute.

Some new Oaks.

Photo op with LegoBob.

Chris Ortiz crushing free Acai.

Free acai bowls!

View from the hillside.

That gap is f—king gnarly.

Up on the roll in with Fred Gall, Mike Fitz, Josh Brooks, and more.

Ohio Dave, fresh off the plane from an Ipath/Thailand trip.

No. You wouldn’t.

The uber roll in.

Bob gets interviewed by the organic alien.