Words and Photography by Yoon Sul

This past Saturday evening was the opening reception for Ed Templeton’s new “Map Of The Inner War” show at the Roberts & Tilton gallery in Culver City, CA. I could see this show many times, in fact, I’ll probably go back sometime later this week to really take it in. The collection of work Ed put together is amazing… it is pretty much a peek into the Tempster’s head. I can honestly say I haven’t been to a show like this since the collection of Jean-Michel Basquiat that MOCA had displayed a couple years back. I was simply in awe of all the photographs Ed has taken over the past years of his life, and truly inspired by it. In a time where bad art shows come as often as a iPod commercial, it’s refreshing to see one that truly goes beyond a great show. The evening itself was pretty cool too… the bar kept tallboy Sapporos in stock all evening, while people enjoyed the great art on the walls while Boosh somehow stole a copy of one of Ed’s book, then got a personalized autograph and drawing from Ed himself. Stuff like that happens to Boosh all the time—f–king lucky bastard. The show will be up from November 15 through December 13. I HIGHLY recommend you go and check this show out.