The TWS posse headed up to Element Skate Camp for the Make It Count Finals… and damn was it shocking!  The level of skating of the upcoming generation was mind-blowing.  Congratulations to John Cos for taking first overall, and shout outs to Dustin Blauvelt and Nate Greenwood, who finished 2nd and 3rd.  Big thanks to all the Make It Count finalists for cruising by the TWS park last week.  The future is looking bright.  Check out the TWS video edit below featuring the entire Make It Count crew: Ryota Abe, Mr. Luk Chun Yin, Kaue Cossa, Garrett Miller, Jonathan Bastian, Miika Adamov, Matt Fisher, Julian Christianson, Kyle Kainoa Smith, Dustin Blauvelt, Ty Peterson, Nate Greenwood, Zach Doelling, Jo Daigle, Rasmus Salcin, Simon Stricker, John Purcell, Mikey Whitehouse, Neil Blackwood, Chris Jameson, John Cos, and Jon Depoian.