The sixth stop of the Make It Count Contest Series went down at the historical Skate Park of Tampa. Element team riders Chad Tim Tim, Darrell Stanton, Levi Brown and Nick Garcia were on hand to judge the event. Kids from all over Florida came to compete for a spot in the finals at Element YMCA skate camp on June 20th. Clint Beswick took the top seat as our overall winner of the day and will be at the finals this summer along with the other winners from each location. A special thanks to SPoT for their support and energy making this a great event!

Overall Winner: Clint Bestwick (trip to the finals at skate camp)
Power Balance Zone:
13 and under- Devin Bangoli
14 and up- Jacob Portillo

DaKine Zone:
13 and under- Clint Beswick
14 and up- Brandon Knowles

Skull Candy Zone:
13 and under- Jamie Foye
14 and up- Kevin Liedtke

Next Events:
Westchester, PA – April 10th

All dates and more videos here.