Element Quattro Limited DVD Deck Holder Giveaway

quattro_dvd_boards_horizontalAfter the addition of Appleyard to the team, and the official DVD release of Quattro, Element had 35 of these handmade DVD deck holders made using the actual boards Darrell Stanton, Chad Tim Tim, Levi Brown, and video maker Ricki Bedenbaugh skated during the filming for the vid. Just in time for your last minute Christmas gift, we’re giving away four of these individually numbered holders with Quattro DVD.

So here’s how to win:

In the comments below, tell us what element (wind, water, fire, earth) best represents each Element pro featured in Quattro (Darrell, Tim Tim, Levi, and Appleyard). For example…

Levi’s wind fo sho, cause his style’s so breezy.

…or something like that. The four best responses wins. Watch the “making of” video below and check back in all week to see if you’ve won. And for you losers, you can still purchase Quattro now for ten bucks.