Element – Rise up

Rise Up

No, you’re not going to see any Bam or Colty Bearz in this video, this is Element’s Europe team. Guys like Finland’s Janne Saario, Sweden’s Jean Marc Soulet, and Switzerland’s Sebastian Hepp and a host of others represent the tree icon abroad. Don’t forget Evelien Bouilliart, their female teamrider who feebles and lipslides ten-stair rails with good style to boot. Not your average skate video, Rise Up is billed as a documentary “about the Element Europe team hitting the road in search of the best spots throughout the continent.” And you should know by now about the spots in Europe. From Croatia and Estonia back to Spain and Sardegna and everything in between, these dudes find spots that will make you weep the next time you go session your shitty curb spot behind Wal Mart. But life goes on and my advice is to rise up yourself and get on a plane to Europe where you’ll enjoy life much more as a skateboarder.-Blair Alley