To kick off the first week of this summer’s Element YMCA Skate Camp, and the finals to the Make It Count contest series, we jumped in the van with Chad Tim Tim, Levi Brown, Nick Garcia, Julian Davidson, and flow dudes Boo Johnson, Patrick Ryan, and Vincent Luevanos to make an appearance at camp in the Sequoias while skating some parks and whatever spots we could find on our way up (check the September issue). Here’s a teaser round of the photos from our trip with the mini tour video dropping just about now.

Photography by Sam Muller


First stop, the Bakersfield skatepark to pick up Boo. While we threw up some high-fives, Levi Brown threw up this high-as-hell kickflip.


Chad Tim Tim so casually backed him up with a proper 360 shove.


Vincent Luevanos, aka the White Knight, dropped a darkside backside 360.


Julian Davidson has my new favorite kickflip.


Boo took us to this circumsized nine stair rail down the street. JuJu back lipped it.


Then proceeded to provide us with viewing rights to his fakie heel.


Next stop, Fresno. Lil Patrick Ryan blasts one at the local park before we got kicked out for not wearing pads. Love it when that happens.


Next spot was the out rail that Guy Mariano switch front boarded 270 shove out in Fully Flared. It’s been knobbed since, but that didn’t phase the White Knight.


Even if this rail wasn’t knobbed, this kickflip front board still woulda been legit. Boo keeps it too legit to quit.


We found a shaded DIY spot to catch a break from the heat.


Nick was still getting over his tweaked ankle. When that thing’s 100 percent, look out.


I’ve been seeing these cinder block/parking block things everywhere. It’s the definition of a simple pleasure. Kinda like Tim TIm’s switch front blunt. Simple for him, pleasurable for us.


Then the pleasure got a little bit more technical.


A mid nollie 180 switch backside nosegrind transfer pleasure.


Once we got up to the mountains near skate camp, we stopped at the Sequoia Forest.


Tunnel of tree.


The White Knight’s 360 flip catch is unreal. Check the video coming very, very soon.