All benefits go towards the Relay For Life Organization.

When Kenny Anderson was approached by his hometown of Palos Verdes to help out with a event to raise money for people with cancer, as well as cancer survivors, he got on the phone and gave his friends a call. Enter the Elwood Relay For Life Organization. Cancer is no joke… it is something we can’t predict or prevent. All we can do is help those who can’t help themselves. So Kenny brought in Elwood to help sponsor this event as well as bring a little skate sesh demo to the event at Pennisula High School. Kenny, Chris Haslam, Steve Nesser, Danny Montoya, Nate Broussard, John Rattray, and Daniel Espinoza were there thrashin’ the obstacle course brought over by Jeff King. It was a great event for a greater cause.

Chris Haslam.

Daniel Espinoza and his car.

Danny Montoya, chain link view.

It’s for the blog, bro.

Where there’s a launch ramp, there’s a backside 360 judo.

Crooked grind tetanus shot out.

Haslam just kickin’ it.

Jump ramp thrash.

Adio photographer Ian O’Connor and his lil’ assistant.

John Rattray made it out.

Kenny gives John the VIP treatment.


Someone send this guy some Last Words questions.

Danny Montoya signing boards.

Montoya and Nesser.

Nate Broussard makes his appearance. Front blunt.

Nate Broussard frontside noseblunt.

Nate out for Yoon’s job.

On the outside looking in.

Break time.

Accepting the Nesser challenge.

The Anderson family made it out.