(Words and B&W Photography by Yoon Sul)

Last Friday, the guys at Elwood threw a BBQ ramp jam at Sunken City skateshop in San Pedro, CA. It was a beautiful day to have a demo, and the crowd came out to see Kenny Anderson, John Rattray, Vincent Alvarez, Nate Broussard, and Marquise Henry rip it up on the mini, and have some BBQ thanks to Kenny Anderson. Apparently, Kenny met some dude who’s a big fan, who apparently turned out to be a butcher at Whole Foods. Long story made short: Kenny now gets a sweet deal on meat at Whole Foods… a secret stash of organic meat prepared by the dude was given to Kenny at a very sweet discount especially for the BBQ. Luckily for me, I didn’t stop by In-N-Out on the way to the jam, so I could enjoy the savory flavor of Kenny’s “secret stash” organic hamburgers, accompanied by an organic chicken hot dog all cooked by Kenny himself. It was just simply scrumptious. After the intake of Kenny’s “secret stash” of organic meat, the mini ramp sesh began with a surprise visit by Danny Montoya and Steve Nesser. Everybody was ripping the ramp to shreds, and to end the sesh, Kenny Organic threw down the steeziest bs noseblunt in the game to give the kids something to talk about (besides the “secret stash” burgers).