Emerica Giveaway

Where’s Spanky?

If you follow the news on the Emerica site, then you know that TransWorld Skateboaring‘s current “Rookie of the Year,” Kevin “Spanky” Long is missing. His last known whereabouts were Barcelona, Spain two weeks ago. However, rumor has it that there have been Spanky sightings in New York City as recently as last Monday. And before that there was even some talk of a Spanky sighting somewhere along the gulf coast of Mexico.

Have you seen him? If you have, take a picture and send it in. Emerica is giving away two free head-to-toe Emerica Gear set-ups, including the Kids in Emerica DVD plus a free Spanky deck courtesy of Baker skateboards, for the two best Spanky “look-a-like” photos submitted.

Send photos to blair@twsnet.com. Deadline is next Wednesday, August 25. Here’s what you could win:

Last week’s winner for the tightest pants and a package from Sessions was Nick Skelton. Skelton? Like skeleton? Is that a joke, man? Loosen ’em up or you’re not gonna be able to have kids buddy!