Words and photos by Yoon Sul.

Go skateboarding day, a day for skateboarders to unite and rule the streets to remember why skateboarding is so awesome, also goes hand in hand with Emerica’s Wild in the Streets.


Our meeting point was at the world famous Slam City Skates.


Our wild MC for the day, bigstale bob killed it.

This year Emerica decided to make it a little more exciting by doing Wild in the Streets in 4 different locations – Tampa, Montreal, Madrid, and where I am now, London – with Braydon Szafranski, Kevin Long, Aaron Suski, and European Emericans, Eniz Fazliov, and Ante Aiello. We arrived on Friday, for Wild in the Streets, and some last minute filming for Emerica’s upcoming video, “Stay Gold”.


Euro emerica rider Ante could have probably kickflip shifty’d over the London bridge.

Wild in the Streets was exactly what it sounds like, wild. We met up with the European Emerican counterparts at the world famous Slam City Skates and hit the streets of London to meet up with all of London at Southbank. The locals were more than excited to see the crew and start the five spot wild cruise around London.


Braydon with the london bridge fs flip.

Hundreds of skaters showed up and pretty much shut down the streets of London.  It was as if Godzilla came into town, except, instead of the roar of the green beast, it was the roar of sweet urethane. People took cover as the skateboarders of London shredded the city. It was a great time, and the skaters of London were more than hyped to see the guys rip and share the streets with them for one reason, and one reason only, because they are skateboarders.  Cheers mates!


Braydon getting Wild in the Streets.


Braydon and his elephant FS 360 over the corner pocket.


Suski with a elephant sized BS flip.


Hometown heroes Benny Fairfax and Danny Brady getting wild.


Braydon getting wild at the elephant ledges with this  FS bluntslide.


Dude and his wild tattoo.


Eniz giving london something else to remember, his noseblunt slide.



Chris crooking the shit out of the ledge for the vets.


Kevin getting dizzy from the wild circle.


Braydon nollie bs 180 for the kids.


Getting our wild tourism on.


Manzoori getting his wild angles on.


Kevin getting his tourism on in Trafalgar Square on the way to Southbank.


Spot #4: the elephant banks.