Emerica Wild Ride 08, Ocean City to Frederick, Maryland

Whew! A lot of the crew went out in Ocean City, Maryland last night to taste the local flavor and were paying for it this morning. A lot of jock/college bars in that town, but a must-see is the Bobby Worrest recommended Seacrets–an enormous club on the shore with a sand floor and rafts in the ocean that you can get served drinks on! Nuts to butts. Back at the campsite at 2:30 a.m., someone had brought home a bargoyle that was in the middle of a heavy swordfight while chairs were being thrown on the campfire and Braydon’s brother was passed out cold on some rocks! TM Jeff Henderson was not too psyched this morning, but the show must go on. We had a 200+ mile ride today to Frederick, Maryland that stared off scorching, yet beautiful what with Maryland’s lush green farmland and long stretches of bays and oceans. However, at about 4 p.m., some dark clouds rolled in and the rain started. We all pulled over to eat and wait it out, but it never let up. We all begrudgingly saddled up and rode the last 30 miles in a complete downpour. I’ve never been so thoroughly soaked in my life. Tomorrow, signing and demo at Pitcrew. Peep GSD’s updates here.