Emerica Wild Ride 08, Virginia Beach to Ocean City, Maryland

I flew in on the fifth day of the Wild Ride this year due to the Transworld Awards being right in the middle of it. So after a long day of two hungover airplane rides (the first one was cancelled) with Emerica’s PR boss Brian Jones, we met the already road weary bikers at their campsite in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Arriving after dark, the campfire/BBQ was in full swing with beers, guitars, and tasty snacks. All the crew is here: Figgy, Westgate, Suski, Reynolds, Herman, Hiro from Japan, a couple of bros from Canada, Nick the RV driver, Patrick O’Dell, etc.–you get the picture. After a good night’s sleep with a couple downpours, we headed over to Hotline on Sunday morning for just an autograph signing, then we hit the road for Ocean City, Maryland. Emerica got me a loaner bike from Harley Davidson so the upcoming Wild Ride updates will be straight from the lowered saddle of a 2008 Night Train. Woo hoo! Go look at the photos!
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