Emerica’s Day In Brooklyn

By now you should know that a bunch of the Emerica dudes were out in NYC last weekend for Jerry’s launch party. While there, they had a day scheduled over in Brooklyn at the glorious KCDC skateshop in Williamsburg. The shop has a great mini ramp and a great vibe. Tons of kids showed up despite the cold weather (well, it probably wasn’t cold to them, but we’re pussies from Cali), and got to hang out with Jerry Hsu, Heath Kirchart, Spanky, and Braydon Szafranski. Braydon skated the ramp by himself for a while and was later joined by Jeff Henderson, Justin Regan, and Spanky. Spanky is fully healed and was ripping the hell out of it! It was awesome to see. Braydon wowed the crowd with his spicy repertoire of tranny tricks. At one point, I was outside the shop and we all heard the kids inside erupt in cheers. Heath just looked at us all and said, “Madonna.”

Now go look at that slideshow.