Emerica’s Wild Ride Day 1

Everyone either flew into or drove on their bikes to Denver. The crew is: Andrew Reynolds, Brayden Szafranski, Matt Allen, Brandon Westgate, Bryan Herman, Ed Templeton, Leo Romero, Austen Stephens, Heath Kirchart, Justin Regan, Jeff Henderson, Marquis Preston, Jon Minor, Ben Gilley, and Notorious Bob. The first day we cruised the Denver Skatepark which is ridiculously huge and fun. Then to BC Surf & Sport for an autograph signing. Hundreds of kids showed up and the Emerica team patiently signed everything.

We stayed in a super nice hotel in downtown Denver. It was to be our last night in beds and with showers as we’ll be camping everynight from here on out.

Mini Andrew Reynolds Interview:

How’s the trip so far?

Can’t talk—I’m gambling. I mean rolling 4,5,6’s.

What’s been the best thing so far?

Gambling. And a guy did a Primo slide down the bank at the Denver park.

(Editor’s note: those of us not on Harley’s are in a RV at the moment. Andrew and Brayden are in a heated game of Cee-lo.)