Emerica’s Wild Ride Day 10

Last day of the Wild Ride—Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Cream City Skatepark is amazing and the team went nuts. So much shit was going down left and right, it was impossible to capture it all. The kids definitely got a show. That’s all folks. Thanks to Janae from Boost Mobile for the amazing dinner afterward. We all hit a karaoke bar and bummed out just about everybody in there. Notorious Bob was the highlight of the night with his rendition of Morrissey’s Irish Blood English Heart.

See ya in Chicago for Wild In The Streets on Wednesday June 21—Go Skateboarding Day!

Check the slideshow for more pics.

Mini Bryan Herman interview!

What’s been the best part about the Wild Ride?

We turn into complete rebels for 2 weeks, have the best times, eat the best steaks, getting the gnarliest at every demo. So gnarly that you could film a video part at the demo. Nobody gives a shit on this tour, and it’s going to happen every year for the rest of our lives.

The best part about it so far is the free phone calls on the Boost phones. And I came up on a dope pair of Spanky 2s.