Emerica’s Wild Ride Day 5

The gang showed up to Escapist where hundreds of kids were waiting patiently. There was even a school bus that shuttled a bunch of kids from a nearby town. After the signing, a group of kids had no ride to the skatepark, so Andrew told them to hop in the RV. The kids got to chill with Andrew, Braydon, Brandon Westgate and Matt Allen all the way to the park. Needless to say, they were stoked. The demo was packed, the skatepark sat on a hillside overlooking the river that divides Kansas and Missouri. After, we drove for a few hours into the night and camped at a nice quiet place in the middle of nowhere. We all stayed up pretty late swapping hilarious travel stories while fireflies entertained us and bullfrogs croaked in the nearby creek. One of the best nights yet.