Empire Skate Dist.


Empire Skateboard Distribution Co. today announced the opening of their US Headquarters and their commitment to increasing the availability of Diamond Supply Co, Fillmore Wheels, Force Trucks, UXA Clothing and more brands to be announced. The strategy for Empire Skateboard Distribution Co. is to maintain a business with integrity that will remain true to skateboarding, while providing their customers with the products and services they need to run a successful business, which will grow in step with their organization.

Empire Skateboard Distribution Co. is owned and operated by skateboarders who respect and understand the culture of skateboarding. Together, they have over one-hundred years of experience as; amateur and professional skateboarders, employees in the skateboarding industry along with company and brand owners.

The partners who make up Empire Skateboard Distribution Co. have a reputation of being highly credible and respected. They are ready to change the way the skateboarding industry conducts business, while setting the benchmark for all others to follow. The owners of Empire have the same vision for their business and know what consumers need and want.

Empire Skateboard Distribution Co. will provide their customers with custom tailored incentive programs, which will assist them in expanding their business. They will do this by assuring their customers have everything needed to stock a retail store, while maintaining competitive pricing, order fulfillment and sell through rates they can grow to depend on.

Their primary channels of marketing their brands and talent include: advertising, and editorial content in magazines, as well as videos, televised contests and domestic and international rider demos and signings. The brands Empire provides appeal to people of all ages and demographics, with an emphasis on children, teenagers and young adults. Empire will provide distribution of its brands to online, mail order, regional retail stores, large chain stores, as well as domestic and international distribution companies. All sales, marketing and customer service will be handled from the offices in the San Francisco Bay Area

Contact: Greg Carroll — Business Specialist, Bryan Coons — General Manager, Bruce Rodela — General Sales Manager, Joey Suriel — Marketing/Promotions & Team Management, Justin Williams — Marketing/Promotions & Team Management

Empire Skateboard Distribution Co. — PO Box 411447, San Francisco, CA 94141 – 415-378-5793