enjoi Bag Of Suck Premiere

On March 11th, 2006, the world was finally introduced to enjoi’s Bag Of Suck, the most anticipated video release a no-skateboarding, orange-themed ad campaign with could ever produce. Premiering in San Jose, California, the home of most of the enjoi squadron, host Jai Tanju threw a pre-premiere BBQ-slash-skate-session-slash-let’s-get-annihilated-for-free-so-we-can-whoop-it-up-for-free-later bash at his current residence. In attendance were the entire enjoi team along with the brothers Strubing and pretty much every other SJ skater (and non-) who could sniff out some free burnt dogs, overcooked chicken burritos, and Tecate–just the way we like it. What follows is a photographic display of the event for a video that has taken fun and skateboarding to unimagined proportions.

Check the slideshow for all the pics.