éS Game of SKATE — Bellevue, Nebraska

éS Game of SKATE — Bellevue, NE, July 19, 2009

éS Game of SKATE in Bellevue, NE.

Winner: Alex Meyer
Kicking off the second leg of the éS Game of SKATE tour, the crew made their way to Next Generation Skateboard Shop in Bellevue, Nebraska.  The whole crew was eager for this event because every summer, Jason at Next Generation gets a huge crowd out to the event, this year breaking the record with 230 kids playing SKATE.  We weren’t sure what to expect this year, especially when the previous games at NGSB included a hip hop show, VIP tent, breakdancers and freshly paved blacktop.

We were looking forward to seeing the homey Scotty Cleland, but unfortunately he broke his leg a couple days ago and couldn’t make it out.  Get well soon Scotty!  There was a wide variety of the level of skating today, some kids played their first Game of SKATE while others were veterans to the game.  So many different skaters had a shot at the finals; especially Weston Sparks, Luis Calderon, Addie Toelkes and Bruce Abraham, who won last year at NGSB.

After 7 rounds and dozens of nail-biting games of SKATE, the three finalists were Sean Root, Rob Warren aka Rob Weezy and Alex Meyer who won a feeder event at Plan-Nine in St. Louis, Missouri.

Weezy was killing with frontside heels and switch double flips and it seemed like he was going to take the gold medal, but Alex Meyer’s consistency and top-notch tricks were what put him ahead of the pack.  Alex Meyer gave both Rob and Sean their final letter with a fakie inward heelflip.  Congratulations to Alex Meyer and thanks to everyone at Next Generation for another awesome Game of SKATE!

Words by PJB
Photos by Phil Blair