After Detroit, the next stop on the éS Game of SKATE tour was Stomping Grounds which is located in the hometown of Jay and Chinner, Youngstown, Ohio. The game was held inside the skatepark where the ground was perfect and spectators enjoyed watching from atop the ramps.

Overall, 60 skaters were in attendance for the game, including John Tod who placed 3rd the day before in Michigan.

Out of towners from all over were killing it throughout the day and after 5 rounds, the finalists consisted of Doug Mares who is a member of the Game of SKATE crew, John Tod once again and Chris McHugh from Willoughby, Ohio.

John Tod took 3rd place for the second day in a row and Chris McHugh eliminated Doug Mares with a proper backside 360 kickflip. Congratulations to Chris and thanks to Stomping Grounds for a great game!

éS Game of SKATE in Youngstown, OH.
Winner: Chris McHugh.