Do all Canadians say "ey"? Do they all love hockey and eat maple syrup by the jar full? While we ignorant Americans may never know the answers to these north-of-the-border stereotypes, we do have conclusive evidence regarding the fact that Canadians are damn good skaters. Etnies and Underworld Skateshop are hosting their seventh annual Am Getting Paid contest, a contest at the indoor Le Taz skatepark that brings all the best Canadian ams and a select few Americans out to Montreal to compete for a 10,000 dollar purse, which may not seem like a lot of dough considering the big money Maloof and Street League and all those other giant contest moguls have, but for an international am contest, it's pretty unheard of. Not to mention, ams are so good nowadays, the skating’s easily just as good as any big contest out there. Ryan Pearce, Jake Donnelly, TJ Rogers, Vince Del Valle, and plenty more showed up in Day One of Qualifiers to compete for the first place five grand. After Day Two, the top 30 will make it on to the finals, so make sure to come back tomorrow for updates.

In the meantime, check out some footage and photos from today, as well as a video interview with Underworld owner and Am Getting Paid founder Alex Bastide breaking down what’s to come.

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Full results after Day One:

1 Renegar, Fletcher 81.17
2 Rogers, TJ 80.50
3 Hanlon, John 77.67
4 Del Valle, Vince 76.17
5 Midler, Alex 75.00
6 Moore, Dillon 74.33
7 Gagnon, Julien 74.17
8 Campbell, Aiden 73.67
9 Larock, Joey 72.33
10 Brown, Jay 72.17
11 Lalond, Gab 71.67
12 Murray, Jorden 71.00
13 Noel, Alex 70.17
14 Henry, Dustin 68.67
15 Schulze, Mike 68.17
16 McMaster, Tyler 67.50
17 Phillips, Mitch 67.00
18 Fine, Max 67.00
19 Lau, Spencer 66.83
20 Pearce, Ryan 66.83
21 Patry, Bryce 66.67
22 Fabus, Justin 66.17
23 Gregoire-Deschenes, Samuel 65.00
24 Veilleux, Jean Raphael 64.67
25 Maz, Steven 64.67
26 Gagne, Jean-Francois 64.50
27 Constantineau, Cédrick 63.83
28 Veniot, Gabriel 61.83
29 Drolet, Charles 61.50
30 Donnelly, Jake 60.50
31 Younie, Dustin 60.00
32 Chouinard, Sam 58.00
33 MacDonald, Kyle 55.17
34 Beland, Alex 54.83
35 Boileau, Chris 52.50