Day Two of the etnies and Underworld Skateshop Am Getting Paid Qualifiers is over, the top 30 from the past two days are officially in the finals, and god damn are these kids gnarly. If the 10,000 dollar purse wasn't enough, Red Bull threw a BBQ and best trick contest in the outdoor DIY section of the park in between heats, handing out cash to whoever was willing to huck—which was pretty much everyone. Money, free food, plus bottomless Red Bull = people are hyped.

After Magnus Hanson, Matt Berger, TJ Rogers and the rest crushed the course, Am Getting Paid quickly turned into Am Getting Laid (oh, the clever wordplay gets us every time!) at Underworld Skateshop, where Smif-N-Wessun and the rest of Boot Camp Clik slaughtered eardrums with good tunes and times.

Peep the footage and photos from Day Two of Qualifiers, and check back in tomorrow for the final results and the rest of our coverage. Who do you think's got this? Remember last year when Matt Berger busted out the wizard-like front blunt bigflip out down the rail? Think it's goin' down again? Only time will tell…

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Results After Day Two:
1 Hanson, Magnus 88.83
2 Cosentino, Jon 85.33
3 Lapierre, JS 83.67
4 Berger, Matt 81.67
5 Renegar, Fletcher 81.17
6 Clark, Josh 80.83
7 Rogers, TJ 80.50
8 Tremblay, Patrice 80.17
9 Barrette, Mitch 78.83
10 Hanlon, John 77.67
11 Del Valle, Vince 76.17
12 Midler, Alex 75.00
13 Marshall, Will 74.50
14 Moore, Dillon 74.33
15 Anderson, Jed 74.17
16 Gagnon, Julien 74.17
17 Campbell, Aiden 73.67
18 Guay, Sam 73.67
19 Eldridge, Shayne 73.00
20 Naud-Marcotte, Simon 72.67
21 Ready, Byron 72.67
22 LaCroix, Alexis 72.67
23 Larock, Joey 72.33
24 Brown, Jay 72.17
25 Lalond, Gab 71.67
26 Heinert, Leo 71.50
27 Piekarski, Jon 71.50
28 Peterson, Ty 71.17
29 Murray, Jorden 71.00
30 Schmidt, Larry 70.67