That's a wrap! After three long days in Montreal, etnies and Underworld Skateshop’s Am Getting Paid—one of the gnarliest am contests in all of Canada—is over, Le Taz Skatepark took a beating, and Matt Berger walked away with first place honors for the second year in a row, collecting a cool five Gs as a result. Not too shabby for an am. (Hopefully that'll pay his hospital bills from bustin' his hand the night before. Oh wait, this is Canada we’re talkin’ about; they’ve got free healthcare. Must be nice.)

The day started out with the semifinals, pitting the top 30 qualifiers from the past two days against each other in one-minute-long runs plus three three-minute jams, and then pulled the top 15 from that into the finals. Needless to say, it was an insanely heavy amount of skating, and the dudes who even made it to the finals should be awarded just for that. While everyone killed it, Matt Berger, who might just be the next Shane O'Neill based on his freakishly supernatural amount of board control and consistency, came out on top. Bigspin front board down the big rail first go, smoother than shit? Fifty other ridiculous tricks, all first try with zero effort? Yup. You earned it buddy.

But no competition is complete without a best trick contest. Alex Bastide, owner of Underground Skateshop and founder of Am Getting Paid, handed out 20-dollar bills for each worthy trick, going through a few hundred bucks in the process. And let's just say JS Lapierre and Fletcher Renegar walked away with newly filled wallets of cold, hard cash.

See ya next year, Montreal. Save me some maple syrup and poutine, eh?

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Full Results:
1 Berger, Matt 92.17
2 Cosentino, Jon 89.83
3 Hanson, Magnus 85.83
4 Renegar, Fletcher 83.50
5 Rogers, TJ 81.67
6 Marshall, Will 81.17
7 LaCroix, Alexis 80.17
8 Gagnon, Julien 80.00
9 Heinert, Leo 79.83
10 Barrette, Mitch 79.17
11 Midler, Alex 78.50
12 Hanlon, John 75.00
13 Del Valle, Vince 74.17
14 Peterson, Ty 71.17
15 Lapierre, JS 70.17