etnies Skate & Create: Mikey Taylor and the Sick Kitty

In real life, few things are as comical as a sick kitty. By the shear nature of their wiring, cats are lovable, yet elitist creatures that spend most of the day looking down their nose at you. But, when sick with a stomach bug, nothing's more tragicomic than the confused look on their face. So, the question is: how can we harness this dark humor… while eating. During Skate & Create, I tried to take part in etnies’ theme and had Mikey Taylor stand in to demonstrate one of my favorite novelty tricks, the Sick Kitty.

1. Take one container of creamer and a pen.


2. Draw a kitty with its butthole facing toward you. To complete effect, have your kitty look back with a sad, pain-filled face.



3. Puncture the kitty's butthole.


4. Say something like, "Hey, check this out," to all your friends and squeeze the container. Let the kitty get sick all over your coffee and/or the table.


5. Enjoy laughs/disdain. Voila… that’s one sick kitty.

Thanks to Tyler, Mike, Than and Drift for the inspiration.