The Skate & Create II party went off smoothly last night at Hensley’s Flying Elephant Pub. After the packed house feasted its eyes on DVS, C1RCA, etnies, and DC’s videos, the MVPs for each team were announced. Then Skin and Neil Heddings pulled out the oversized cover of Sean Malto and confirmed that etnies was the winner. Congrats to every team involved for making amazing videos, which you’ll be able to see on starting Monday. The issue with the photos is in the mail to subscribers now and will hit newsstands in early September. For now, enjoy the party photos.

Free PBR tall cans, delicious buffet, and the Sk8mafia—can’t start a night better.

DC’s Jimmy Astleford and the Mafia’s DC24.

Ben Kelly and DVS’ Cullen Poythress

DVS TM Gabe Clement. The log board will make sense when you see DVS’ video.

Gabe Clement and TWS’ Jamey Stone.

MC J Stone.

Lee Dogg and Pete Ramondetta put it down for C1RCA.

Stone takes on the wood board with Heddings’ help.

Cullen and Skin toast to the wood.

Dave Ashley and BK.

Paul Sharpe and DC’s Alex Yang.

The videos started.

Durph and Smith.

Heddings addressed the crowd after the videos. It was then MVP award time.

Torey Pudwill was the MVP for DVS. Wait till you see the flatground back Smith he did.

Peter Ramondetta was the MVP for C1RCA.

Malto was etnies’ MVP but is on the Beauty & The Beast tour. Jeff Taylor accepted for him.

Nick Dompierre was DC’s MVP and the drummer from Nihilist accepted the award.

And the winner is…


The place went ape sh-t.

Mikey Taylor and Ashton Maxfield were feelin’ it.

The DVS crew, happy to pass the torch.

BK triple fisting and Seu Trinh.

etnies Heath Brinkley and the photog that made it happen Oliver Barton.

Gabe, Mikey, and Tim Gavin.

Rob Brink with the cover.

Mikey with the cover.

Mike Manzoori getting interviewed.

Kyle Leeper with the cover.

Leeper and Brink check the issue.

Mikey and Leeper getting interviewed.

Ashton, Gavin, and Sharpe.

Kenny Lewis and Kenny Hoyle. Thanks everyone!