Chick-fil-A: Blackbox’s unhealthy obsession.

Garrett Hill took a rough slam at Fallen's Skate & Create, but came back against the odds to get his trick—probably because he knows from working with his spoof band, My Sinister Handshake, that creation takes some serious work and devotion. That, and a stomach full of Chick-fil-A makes you a machine. At least, that’s what Blackbox probably thinks. Read on to learn what the hell I'm talking about (Interview by Josh Brooks. Photos by Shigeo).

How was Skate & Create for you?
It was a really different experience for me. I went in blind. It was a lot of work planning, setting up and waiting. It was more like create and wait. But, I had a blast. There's really nothing at that level in skateboarding. I think it's super cool. I was stoked to do it.

You got caught skating one of the up-ledges and slammed super bad, right?
Yeah, I think it was three days before we were done. I'm the only goofy person on Fallen, so all of the spots happened to be set up for a regular dude. I didn't know if I would be able to get a photo. Then, we came up with this up-hubba ledge. I was super excited to skate it. So, I tried it, clipped the bottom of it, got pitched to the top of the hubba, hit my back on the tip of it and fell about seven or eight feet straight to my hip bone—no hands at all. I could barely walk after that. It was eating me up, though. I drove home after that, sat in my Jacuzzi for two days to limber up, iced myself the whole time and covered my back in Tiger Balm. I even got a back brace because it was so tender. You know how you think stuff in a split second when falls like that happen and all I could think was, "This is not good." The last day, I iced my back, put balm on it and finally got the trick at about three in the morning. Everyone had split by then and it was just Jamie and I taking down our backdrops and the obstacles until around seven a.m.

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Wow. That fall sounds real shitty. Someone explained that fall to me and all I could think about was the one Harmony took in the RVCA clip.
Oh man. I don’t even want to think about that one. But, yeah, my fall was bad.

You're not really a stranger to creating yourself. You've created a few songs with your joke band, right? What's it called?
My Sinister Handshake.

How did that name come about?
It was around the time that a lot of scream-o bands started coming out, like My Chemical Romance. We all thought that genre of music was pretty silly. We were sitting around talking about names for a fake band and the two we were settled on were My Unholy Coffee Mug or My Sinister Handshake. When we came up with the last one, we were rolling, so that was it.

Who all's in the band?
Me, my brother Gantry, my friend Brett Milky and my friend Danny Celantano.

I saw some of the videos, but how the hell did you guys come up with those ideas?
It was pretty much all of our friends thinking of the most ridiculous stuff we could think of. In our videos, we pretty much turned ourselves into vain dumb people—the epitome of a bro-brah kind of guy. We went on a complete vacation thinking of weird ideas for it.

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I like the one where you talk about getting Santa stoned or something. That was kinda funny.
"It's Christmas Time." The lyrics are "I can't wait to smoke that fat fool out!" We basically wrote all the lyrics from the point of view of a dumb bro. We had such a good time doing that. We all have fake names. I'm Leonardo, Dan is Hunter, Brett is Jocko. The whole idea for that video is Jocko's having a nice Christmas Eve and we just come in and ruin it.

Did you come up with the idea because you have so many bros around where you live?
Yeah, living in Santa Clarita, that scene is so popular out there, so it was a perfect outlet to vent about that stuff. Like, we got it out of our system, so I don't really think about it anymore.

Have you ever played a real show?
No, actually, we all agreed that if we ever played a show, it would only be one and we'd break up on stage, because our personalities in the band are complete assholes. So, we wanted to do one live show where we get frustrated with each other, freak out on stage and just break up. Make the show awkward.


“But, have you had the sweet tea?” Hardy might ask of anyone questioning his devotion to the Fil-A.

Tell me about the Blackbox obsession with Chick-fil-A.
I think we have Hardy to blame for that. When he'd come out to visit, he'd stay in the skatepark. They built the Chick-fil-A and he'd be there everyday like clockwork. So, we started taking him and everyone else would eat and got hooked on it. He got to know the owner or manager and then it was Chick-fil-A insanity. They catered for free at Blackbox. Everyone was going. I can't remember how many times I've had to hear Hardy explain how good the sweet tea is. I feel like I overdosed on it. I rarely want it anymore. It's more of novelty, like going to a Krispy Kreme before they got popular and moved out west.

That always used to baffle me when I'd stop by Blackbox.
For a while, it was like a fad—like wearing fat shoelaces or stuffing the tongues of your shoes with socks. If you were seen with a gigantic sweet tea and a bag from Chick-fil-A, it was like "Cool" [laughs]. Pretty extreme.