Fallen Skate & Create: Sandoval’s Soothing Reggae Relief


Lions spend almost twenty hours a day just sitting around. They’re actually pretty lazy when it comes down to it. This little fact is often overlooked when people think about the lion as this unrelenting predator. A lion is dangerous because for the few seconds that it might lash out, it’s going to lash out with all its might. During S&C, Tommy Sandoval was a lot like that. He just hung out, relatively stress free for most of the day and then when he felt it was the right time to skate, it was pretty shocking. There’s a lot of power in that. So, as the least stressed one of the Fallen crew at Skate & Create, I picked Tommy’s brain to find out what reggae songs he recommends to melt away the stress of the day in all those hours that he’s not unleashing brutality on his board.

I noticed that when I was in Skate & Create, you were definitely getting along the best without stressing too much. I figured it could be a mix of things, but it was in part due to a little reggae in the down time. So, I wanted to see if you had a few songs you'd recommend for stress relief.
I could name ten or more songs off the top of my head. They're a little random, but I can go ahead.

1. First, I'd say Dennis Brown. A song called "Promised Land"

2. Then, Jah Shaka. The song "Glorious Dub" (“Glorious Dub” was not available, but hear another Jah Shaka song below)

3. Mighty Diamonds "A Feather In A Rich Man's Hat"

4. Johnny Osbourne

5. Let's see, Pablo Gad "King of Kings"

6. The Paragons "Come A Little Closer"

7. Luciano "Ben No Know Jah" (“Ben No Know Jah” not available, but see “It’s Me Again Jah”)

8. Jah Warriors "Licquor"

9. Earl 16 "Virtual Generation"

10. Martin Campbell "Got to Get Away"

11. Eek-A-Mouse "Treason"

12. And, Don Carlos "White Squall"

That's a pretty good list.
Those are all songs that make you feel alright when you're stressing, even if you're stuck in a warehouse or even worse, you know?