Feast Tour Update 1

Feast Southeast Tour Presented by Monster Energy

Nov 9

Today is Arto Saari’s birthday and also the beginning of the Feast Southeast Tour presented by Monster Energy. The tour starts of with Geoff Rowley, Mark Appleyard, Arto Saari, Rune Glifberg, Lance Mountain, Rodrigo TX, Shane Cross, Eric Fletcher, David Gonzalez, and Willow. Bob Burnquist, Tom Penny, and Ali Boulala will join us in a few days. Everyone flew into Dallas Airport and Nick picked us up with the etnies RV to head to the hotel. Arto turned 24 years old so half of the group went to the bar to celebrate and the other half went to Havik Skatepark for a late night session.

Nov 10

Today we went to the gun range with the 20 of us. The gun guy explained how to shoot and reload a gun. He also said not to aim guns to each. The place was pretty sketchy—there was no minimum age to shoot so David, Shane and Eric walked around with guns, too. Most of us felt we could get shot and die any minute.

At night we skated a demo at Havik Skatepark. The park had all obstacles needed for a good demo. Everyone hit the quarter pipe to wall ride and bank to wall ride. Rune Glifberg nearly hit the roof with his massive frontside powerslide/wallride. A few other tricks that went down; Geoff Rowley—kickflip frontside wallride, David Gonzalez—wallride 270 and Mark Appleyard—switch frontside wallrides.

Kids traveled up to eight hours to see this demo and it was definitely worth the drive. Monster Energy hooked us up with a ton of cold drinks and everyone had enough energy to scream, jump and fight in the product toss for the five boxes of promo from Flip, Fury, Etnies, Boost, Fuel, TransWorld and Monster. At night we had dinner and chilled out at the hotel. Thanks a lot to Marc Janni, Kara Janni and the whole Havik Skatepark crew.

Nov 11

We are still in Dallas, Texas and today we went over to Arlington for a Zumiez signing. Mark Appleyard turned 24 today and Zumiez made a huge birthday cake for him and Arto. All 400 kids in line sang Happy Birthday and we all ate cake.

There’re always a few random kids at each signing. One kid brought a toilet seat to get signed. He’ll be reminded of Flip Skateboards every time he takes a dump. Another kid really wanted a Geoff Rowley signature on his forehead. Geoff helped him with that. Thanks to Jason, Chris, Gina and the rest of the Zumiez guys to make this event happen.

We drove from Dallas to Austin. At night we enjoyed the swimming pool and sauna at the hotel, followed by a grilled dinner and purple killer drinks. Mark’s birthday party was fun; after a few bars we ended up at some random house with lots of beers. Mark found a bike and back at the hotel at 6AM he had a test ride on the third floor.

Nov 12

It was difficult for some guys to get out of bed. The breakfast at 3:30PM was tasteful. Today Skatepark of Austin organized a demo for us and many kids showed up. It took a bit for the riders to warm up but there were definitely a few big bangers. David Gonzalez skated really good; fs flip 270 over the pyramid, huge frontside airs in the quarter pipe, and kickflip fs feebles down the rail.

Arto slammed hard and tweaked his ankle. Rune broke the Austin Skatepark Wallride Record by going so fast and high that he could hang onto the roof for 15 seconds before dropping back in. Everyone went wild.

As soon as announcer Uncle Clifford said the words “Product Toss!!! kids stormed onto the course and Mark lost his shoe. Thanks a lot to Yann, Jamie, Neil and the rest of the SPA crew to make this event happen.

Nov 13

Today we’re leaving Austin to Houston. Tonight at 6PM is the demo at Southside Skatepark.—Floris Gierman

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