The winning entries are in! Sorry for the delay, but Jon Holland and Chris Ray have been extremely busy filming for the new TransWorld video Hallelujah that will be out this summer. See the full rules and prize packs of this contest here. Here are the winners:

In 6th place, with a steady hand and a lot of contrast, Robert Mechem:

5th place, yoyo1:

4th place, with good use of creative cut-aways and an all-around solid reel, Michele Arpe:

3rd place goes to Jeff Halstad:

2nd place goes to Colin Clark for his all-HD entry with good cut-aways and portraits:

And the 1st place winner is Mitch Ragusi with this reel:

Thanks to all who entered! Winners will be contacted today via email. Stay tuned for another filmer contest on the site soon.

Jon Holland’s honorable mentions: Darren Dyk, Chris Thiessen, XX Montage, Matt Roberge, Niels Onderwater, Sewa Kroetkov, Chad Matthews.

Chris Ray’s honorable mentions: Mark Kirkland, Mike Leary, Harmen Bazuin.

prize pack