Filmbot’s Best Of ’06

The Filmbot’s had quite a year. Traveling around the globe, exposing new talent, all while pimping his VX and splashing with gems every week. After serious digging in the archives and tapping on keyboards with futuristic computer software, the Top 5 Filmbot Fridays of 2006 have been determined based on YOUR viewings. Heeeere they are:

5. Nate Roline (December 22): The Filmbot spent some time with Edmonton, Canada’s Nate Roline and came back with this buttery minute of footy.

4. Summer’s End Jam (December 1): Another Canadian clip. The Filmbot shows what went down at the Summer’s End Skate Jam up in Vancouver.

3. Momentum Promo (December 8): Always hustlin’, Filmbot shows off Momentum Wheel Co’s newest promo for their upcoming video featuring Rick McCrank, Brandon Biebel, Jereme Rogers, Chris Haslam, and many more.

2. Marty Murawski (September 29): AZ Filmbot homie Marty Murawski’s footy complete with his famous Super Pole Jam Footage. The nutter grind transfer at the end is worth watching alone.

1. Ryan Lay (November 10): It’s safe to say Ryan Lay put out an amazing part as it garnered the most viewings of any Filmbot Friday this year. This kid ripped it up out at the Phoenix Am, too, right? Looks like a legit sponsor is just around the corner then.

Check all the clips attached to the left ya dummy!