First Things With Ray Barbee

First setup
It was a Sims Woodkick with ACS trucks and some old OJ wheels.

First thing that changed your life
Probably skateboarding. I remember when I started skateboarding it was a big change in my life you know? Because of it I stopped playing sports and I was pretty much just always on my skateboard.

First thing you thought when you woke up this morning
“Man, I’m still tired.”

How come?
Going to sleep late and waking up early for this skate camp.

First time you found God
The first time I asked him into my heart was 5 years ago in Europe.

First time you were in love with a girl
With my girlfriend right now, Stephanie.

First amateur skateboarder that the pros should be looking out for
I don’t know really, but there’s these little kids that live by my house that are gonna be amazing.

First car you ever owned
It was an ’87 Nissan Sentra.

First guitar you ever owned
It was a copy of a Gibson Les Paul made by this company called Memphis that are probably not even around anymore.

First thing you’re gonna do when you get home
Probably see my girlfriend. She’ll pick me up from the airport, I’ll be spending some time with her. That’ll be the first thing, along with just resting. Takin a load off you know?

First pro contest you ever entered
It was a miniramp contest in Hawaii in ’89. I think I got like 50th or something (laughs). But I was psyched to go to Hawaii though, that was cool.

First thing you want people to know about you
That Jesus lives in my heart.

First people you’d like to thank
Jesus and my parents.