First Things With Shannen Thedoll

First trick you learned? The bow-legged beaver squat.

First thing you did this morning? Changed my batteries and whipped up some grits.

First person that changed your life? Leo Hendrik Baekeland, he was responsible for inventing plastic.

First record you bought? TLC “Crazy Sexy Cool”.

First tattoo? I only have one and it says “Thug Life”.

First boy you kisssed? Some Scottish lad named Shad. I had to dump him though because he’s too tall.

First person you want to thank? Bushwick Bill for inspiring me to get the tattoo on my leg.

First injury had? I became bow-legged after Swift stepped on my head yesterday at the skatepark.

First time you got burnt? When I tried to sell some CD’s at Lou’s.

First thing you’re going to do when you get home? Put a new arm on and kiss my boyfriend.

First trick that really scared you? Dropping into the Encinitas “hairball” gap was pretty scary, I hope the photographer got the sequence.

First time you got a ticket? I was skating at Carlsbad and this stupid cop gave me a ticket for not wearing a helmet.