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Skateboarding is getting crazy. You would think that my job would be easier since tricks are getting better and better. Well, It’s not. We’re in a weird transition with skateboarding media. I can’t figure out what’s even good anymore. What goes in the DVD, what goes online? Is online just as good as the DVD? Get it out now ’cause the kids wanna see it, or save it for the hope of a epic DVD in another year?
I’m personally excited for the access to share with everyone anything I capture at the tap of a button.
This brings me to share with you a clip I filmed of my friend Schuyler Ricketts attempting to backside 180 the ivy gap at UC Davis. Even though Schuyler didn’t make the trick, I still left Davis in my car feeling good. I thought to myself, is this Sacramento’s version of the Carlsbad Gap? Do I really start taking skaters to this gap on the daily? Did I really hear him say he should have just tried a backside flip instead? Should this go online? How is this guy not sponsored? Will he make it so I can toss it in Hallelujah?
Schuyler’s words couldn’t have put it any better, “What Now?!” I’m still asking myself that question.—Chris Ray

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