First Words July 2006

am_a_teur (n.) 1. One who engages in an art, science, study, or athletic activity as a pastime rather than as a profession. 2. One lacking professional skill or ease.

I’m not sure who Webster is, but his definition of “amateur” certainly doesn’t characterize the skateboarders in this issue. These days, most ams have twice the on-board time than pros-so try telling Tony Cervantes that he’s part of a pastime rather than a profession. And I seem to recall a young am by the name of Ryan Sheckler winning pro contests, so who’s really lacking the so-called professional skill or ease? Looks like the only thing amateur in this issue is Webster’s opinion, so we took the liberty of clarifying a few of his other dictionary entries…

a_mass (v.) To gather or pile up. (Without video footage, you’ll be going nowhere in no time.)

am_a_to_ry (adj.) Of, concerning, or promoting love. (The lover will always vanquish the hater.)

am_bi_tion (n.) An eager or strong desire to achieve something.

(It’s the formula for any type of success: Be persistent without being pesky.)

a_maze (v.) To affect with surprise or with great wonder. (Insert photo of Richie Jackson here.)

am_pli_fy (v.) To make larger or more powerful. (Exactly what Death Skateboards did with Richie Jackson last month. Yep, he’s now flexing pro status.)

am_bas_sa_dor (n.) A diplomatic official of the highest rank appointed and accredited as representative in residence by one government to another. (Respect your team manager-he can make you or break you.)

am_bro_sia (n.) The food of the gods, reputed to impart immortality. (See Cooper Wilt’s answer on p.224)

a_muck (adv.) In a murderous frenzy. (Actually, skating in a murderous frenzy is a pretty cool definition.)

am_big_u_ous (adj.) Liable to more than one interpretation. (Nyjah’s too young to get the cover. Nyjah’s too good not to get the cover.)

am_bu_lance (n.) A vehicle equipped for transporting the sick or injured. (If you can’t stand the sight of blood, well, skateboarding just ain’t for you.)

am_bush (vt.) To attack suddenly without warning. (There’s always someone coming for your job.)

a_men (inter.) Used at the end of a prayer or a statement to express agreement or approval. (It’s almost Time, Mr. Tave.)

am_phi_the_a_ter (n.) A round or oval structure with tiers of seats rising gradually from a central space or arena. (Whether it be a contest or a video premiere, this is the place where legends are born.)

a_mor_al (adj.) Outside or beyond the sphere of moral distinctions or judgments. (Poor judgment usually leads to excellent skateboarding. Right Duncombe?)

a_mus_ing (adj.) Pleasing, entertaining, or evoking laughter. (See above entry.)

a_mi_a_ble (adj.) Pleasant in disposition. (Be humble or be washed out to Sea-holm.)

am_phib_i_ous (adj.) Capable of living both on land and water. (Because there’s more to life than street.)

-Carleton Curtis