It was really real. It’s always a challenge to sum up a full-length video, this one being five years in the making, with a huge team of such gifted yet very different skaters. So, I’m not even going to try. Ewan Bowman told me last night, “It’s been five years, and now it’s all over tonight. It doesn’t feel like anything.” And that’s life. And this new Flip video is going to knock your socks off. Okay, we’ll spoil a few things. First and foremost it was dedicated to Shane Cross who’s footage we’ve been waiting to see was simply magical. The clay-mation intros to each part were fantastic. DJ Baron’s soundtrack was superb and really enhanced the parts. Bob Burnquist—holy hell. You’re gonna need to watch his whole part in slow-mo to figure out exactly how many NBD mega ramp tricks he did. Lance Mountain was classically radical. Last part went to David Gonzalez who did some real hairy sh-t. Most importantly, the entire Flip team, filmers, and editors deserve a huge congrats for completing their long journey with wonderful success.

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