Flip Feast Tour Update 3

Nov 15, Easley, South Carolina. Demo: New Generation Skatepark

Controlled chaos with 800 kids stuffed in a skatepark!

Rain, rain, and more rain when we left Atlanta this afternoon, then a demo at New Generation Skatepark. There were so many kids, yelling and screaming--why? Because Rune transfered from the bowl to a frontside tailslide revert on the mega ramp quarter! David kcikflip frontside noseblunt reverted and Mark Appleyard kickflip grabbed 88 miles high over the kicker. Bob transfered from the bowl into the bank and jumped right on top of Geoff Rowley--two men down! Bob’s knee needed ice, Geoff needed beers. The product toss was good, the Fuel TV DVDs were flying around through the skatepark, this time Kurt didn’t get hit in his face. We’re staying in Columbia, South Carolina tonight, tomorrow we’re driving south to Jacksonville, Florida for a signing at Square One at 6PM. Check back later for updates on skateboarding.com and feasttour.com!--Floris Gierman

Check the slideshow to the left for all the photos, and the past days antics if you haven’t been following the tour!