Flip In Miami

Miami Flip

After all the mayhem, namely the loop, that went down on Sunday at Tampa Pro, Arto Saari, Geoff Rowley, Mark Appleyard, the Flip filmer Le Fred, and I all packed our bags and headed south in a van big enough for ten. The aim of the trip was to film for the Flip video, which meant a hell of a lot of traveling. Miami was fairly new ground for all of us (except for Mark) so we went straight to the beach.

From what I could gather, most of the parts for the new video were done, but everyone was trying to get a little more before the deadline at the end of July. The video will definitely be out for September with premieres all over the world.

If what I witnessed is anything to go by then you’re in for something special. We hit the Jewish church and got real lucky because no dick came along and threw us out. All the boys were ruling¿ we didn’t get kicked out all thanks to a seagull that shit on my head while we were at the beach that morning. They say it’s good luck if a bird shits on your head¿we had a good afternoon.

Everything worked out just fine in Miami, and lots of fun was had by all. Arto was so impressed with the place that he stayed for another week, and broke some shit off. Mark Appleyard was amazing¿look out for his interview in the new Transworld am issue. Geoff Rowley needs little said about him. —skin