Flip is off and running on its Feast East Coast tour at the moment. TM Andrew Shusterman sent over a grip of photos from the first 3 days in Boston. Skate day photos and photos from the first signing at Zumiez. The last spot they went to (the ramp) is the Hellgate ramp.

Mark Appleyard.
David, Luan, and Mark.
The airport ritual.
Geared up for a big signing.
Kids for days.
Mark, Rune, and Lance.
Langi, Curren, Luan, and Bob.
Line up.
Geoff in the line up.
Luan and Bob.
David's cover.
Get on the bus.
Hotel pizza party.
Luan gettin' crazy.
David Gonzalez.
Hitting some East Coast street.
Ewan filming.
Geoff susses it out.
The young dudes.
The really young dudes.
Geoff and Bob checking angles.
East Coast bricks.
The cold and rough spots on the East Coast.
Curran checks it out.
Luan warms up.
Checking flicks.
Keeping it going into the night.
Night sesh at the bowl.
Night sesh at the bowl.
and a big dinner to end it all.