For Our Dear Friend Harold Hunter

Harold Hunter is one of the most amazing people who’s ever walked the earth. Born and raised on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Harold made his way through the rough neighborhood, and in his early years, he managed to touch a skateboard, only to turn into an instant icon and become the urban street mayor of NYC, blessing the streets with his skills and charisma. He was and still is adored by all, because all Harold ever wanted was for people to have fun and enjoy skateboarding. Even people he’d only known for five minutes were treated like he’d grown up with ’em.

One of the early major pros to hail from New York City, Harold originally came up on Shut skateboards and then dropped an amazing part in 1993’s Skypager while riding for Underworld Element. After that, it was on to American Dream Skateboards, where he had one of the best graphics ever. Then he moved on to become the face of Zoo York skateboards-all the while rocking the skateboard world with every heelflip variation onto, over, and off of everything. Harold’s smooth style reflected the enjoyment he felt riding his skateboard-style that can be seen in his Zoo York Mixtape One part.

When he was off his skateboard, there wasn’t a time when Harold didn’t light up the place. You could have Tony Hawk and Leonardo DiCaprio in the same room, and Harold would still be the one with all eyes on him, his happy demeanor rubbing off on those in close proximity. Yep, Harold was and is his own entity, and he will be missed and loved by all. This true legend is now holding it down with the rest of the crew in the clouds, and the only thing we need to remember is that true legends never die.-Alex Corporan