Foundation Video Premiere

Last Friday evening, a little bit of mayhem broke out in downtown San Diego when Foundation took the wraps for their latest video project “art bars” subtitles and seagulls. (Don’t ask me what the title means.) A packed house of whooping, over-the-limit teenagers tried in vain to sabotage any kind control while witnessing the skateboarding talents of Daniel Shimizu, Justin Strubing, Jon West, Justin Roy, Mike Rusczyk, Ethan Fowler, and Kris Markovich.All the parts rocked. I especially liked Justin Strubbing’s part because, just like Markovich, he hit everything at a super speed.In fact, nobody on the team let the side down–everyone came through.

A lot of the terrain skated seemed new, which made a good change. One member of the audience was so happy he started throwing fireworks off the balcony into the crowd below. The ushers weren’t very happy with that.

A slight technical hitch occurred half way through Kris Markovich’s part, although all was well again after they rewound it. At the end, it seemed the crowd was happy. We, like others, ended up in the Live Wire, while the majority of the crew fled in limos to the Red Fox. Since when has Heath Kirchart, John Lucero, Jason Adams, and Matt Hensley been riding for Foundation? Or were they just scamming a ride in the limo?

Check this video out, it’s definitely worth a watch. There’s some sketchy filming in there, especially some of the night footage–just like the old days before all these generators were introduced–but that made it a little more appealing.