Game Over – Lets Get Ready to Rumble Stick!


Words by Carleton Curtis

Tony Hawk has some competition. Rival video-game developer Electronic Arts has officially bum-rushed the stage with SKATE-their self-proclaimed “next-gen” skateboarding game hitting streets in mid 2007. The game is built specifically for the Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms, so get ready for some heavy graphics and even heavier characters: Danny Way, Chris Haslam, PJ Ladd, and Pat Duffy are all in the mix. Oh yeah, and so are digitized fellas pictured here-Chris Cole and Mike Carroll. We had a little chitchat with Chris and Mike about the upcoming game, how the hell they became involved with the project, and whether or not the Hawk man should be shivering in his ADIOs.


So how did you end up becoming a video-game character?
CHRIS: Danny Way just called me up and asked me if I wanted to be a part of the game with him. I was excited, it sounded really fun.
MIKE: Same with me. Danny called me up and asked if I was into it.

Do you think your characters look anything like you?
CHRIS: Surprisingly, I haven’t seen anything yet, but I’m sure it will. I think I’m the only one who hasn’t seen the game yet.
MIKE: I haven’t seen my guy yet either. I just went up to EA to take all the photos and motion capture a couple weeks ago.

Did you ask the developers to change anything about yourself? Like make your pecs bigger or something?
MIKE: I’m just hoping my guy will be able to jump the Mega Ramp or the Great Wall Of China. I should have had them make me buff, huh? F-k!
CHRIS: I had to shave my face for the motion-capture stuff, so I asked for my facial hair back. That’s all, really.

Tony Hawk’s Project 8 is pretty damn ill. How is EA’s SKATE going to
top it?
CHRIS: EA is killer-everyone working on the game actually skates. The guys over there are really cool, so I’m sure it will be as good as it gets.
MIKE: Pat Duffy is in this game. That’s why it’s way sicker!

Is EA going to include famous dead spots?
CHRIS: That’s a good question, I’m not too sure. I’d definitely like to see some dead spots in there.

Did you ask them to include EMB in the game, Mike?
MIKE: We talked about it briefly. They asked me what I thought about having it somewhere in the game, but I thought if it was going to be anywhere in the game, it should be its own world or something like that. But it should be somewhere up in the clouds in the sky, like Cloud City. Basically skate heaven. We just talked about that in passing, so I doubt it’s happening. Maybe they’ll do it in part two.

What’s the most bizarre experience you had during the making of SKATE?
CHRIS: Just getting the motion-capture markers all over my face and then reading lines. I hate reading lines.
MIKE: Just the motion capture was pretty funny. Dressing up in that gear was hilarious.

Did you ever play 720 as a kid, Mike?
MIKE: Of course I did. I wasn’t that good at it though.

Chris, when I interviewed you earlier this year for your TWS Readers’ Choice award, you mentioned that you were playing a lot of Guitar Hero. Are you psyched for the sequel coming out this month?
CHRIS: Am I ever. My friend Marcus does the guitar work for the game, so I’m psyched for it to come out.

Who do you guys usually play video games with?
MIKE: I’ve been limited to playing video games with whoever has a PSP on tour. We usually play poker on them. Rick, Eric, Malto, Mike Mo, Ben C, Tha Mez, Guy, Alex O, just to name a few.
CHRIS: I don’t play any games other than Guitar Hero. That game is the best, and then everybody is up in the action.

Do you think EA is going to make a skateboard controller that you have to ride to play the game?
CHRIS: No, they didn’t do that.

Is there a trick in real life that you’ve never been able to do, but always wanted to do, that you included in SKATE?
CHRIS: A nollie 360 flip the wrong way.
MIKE: Every trick that my character does!