3 Weeks Of Night & (Go All) Day Contest


Welcome to the Three Weeks of Night & (Go All) Day Contest. We’ll be posting a new trivia question about Sean Malto and Chaz Ortiz three times a week for the next three weeks. So that’s nine chances you’ll have to win a special prize package from Chaz and Sean’s sponsors (Zoo York, Girl, etnies, Fourstar) and Gatorade. Contest entry closes at midnight each day a question is posted. We’ll pick one winner per question and you can only enter once per question. On the last day, one winner will be chosen for a grand prize pack drawn from the entrants from the collective three weeks of giveaways.

Keep an eye on TWS’ Facebook and Twitter for when the next questions will be announced. Entry for each of the nine questions closes at 12 PM PST. There will be an entry form when the contest is open, do not try to enter by responding in the comments section on this page.

Entry for the Three Weeks Of Night & (Go All) Day Contest is closed:
Q: What award did Sean Malto win at the 11th Annual TWS Awards?
A: Best Rookie

Official rules here

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