Globe Team United By Fate Filming Session At Epic

A few weeks ago the Globe crew took a fun little field trip to the brand new Epic skatepark in Rocklin, California (Sacramento area) to put the finishing touches on a team section for United By Fate episode 5. The trip was stacked with a heavy crew: Chris Haslam, Mark Appleyard, Ryan Decenzo, Jake Duncombe, Matt Mumford, Luan Oliveira, Louie Lopez, Greg Lutzka, David Gonzalez and multiple filmers and photographers.

This park is sick and has a bit of everything to shred for everyone. Time flies when you’re setting up shoots, filming, gassing up genniess, and making beer runs.—Chet Thomas

Photos: Dave Chami

Greg Lutzka, frontside flip.

David Gonzalez, backside lipslide.

Louie Lopez, backside Smith grind.

Mark Appleyard, nollie nosebluntslide.

A different angle of Luan Oliveira’s Smith grind.

Mark Appleyard, nollie flip crooked grind.

Luan Oliveira, frontside half Cab flip.

Louie Lopez, backside lipslide.

Luan Oliveira, switch heelflip.

Matt Mumford, backside tailslide with his dog Blue.

Matt Mumford, bluntslide.

David Gonzalez, crail air.

Louie Lopez, method air.

Luan Oliveira, frontside flip.

Louie Lopez, lien to tail.

Mark Appleyard, backside air.

David Gonzalez, backside Smith grind.

Jake Duncombe, frontside nosegrind.