Globe’s Double Stack Cash Attack in Australia!

If Dave Duncan ever makes it to the Varsity Double Set, the first words out of his mouth will most certainly be, “This thing is no joke!” It’s huge, and the skaters hucked their carcasses down it for over an hour in some brutal heat and humidity. It was tough to judge no doubt. Lutzka’s fakie flip and Chima’s backside 360 were contenders for sure. When the dust settled, Adam Dyet won the 30,000 U.S. dollars for his switch backside heelflip. No arguments here. Check the attached video footage. Unfortunately you won’t see Dyet’s trick there, he pulled it while I was switching tapes. My bad.

A true champ, Dyet took us all out to dinner before the afterparty. No expense was spared as rounds of drinks, shots, and appetizers were ordered. Then for the main course, the chef specially made us all surf and turf plates! Amazing. The afterparty at the Hard Rock went off. Tony Trujillo’s band Bad Shit is amazing live and everyone basically raged late into the night with no responsibilities the next day on Australia’s wonderful Gold Coast in the summer.