Globe’s United By Fate Episode 2 Premiere

Globes latest release of the United by Fate series premiered last night in the grungy east Sunset end of LA. Let’s just say the standard was sky high for a video that is set to be given away for free!

Free samosas and tasty snacks as well as open bar with Colt 45 being the poison on demand got everyone in the mood before the video hit the walls on two massive projection screens.

When the artfully filmed black and white montages finally gave way to some raw skating, it was Machnau and Haslam that were in the limelight, with juicy clips from other Globe Team members including Mumford, Duncombe, Appleyard, David Gonzales, Greg Lutzka and even Rodney Mullen. The format of the video is something new, which actually seems to work quite well. Two main parts intertwined with various cameos from the different team riders, the focus shared over all of the guys equally. Look out for a funny Fear and Loathing style intro from Mumford and Duncombe as one of the standout skits.

All in all, a great night, an excellent video, and a new twist on the standard team video format.—Mike O’Meally