Go Skateboarding Day Contest

Now that Go Skateboarding Day 2009 has passed, don’t forget to upload your awesome video for a chance to win some amazing prizes! See below:

Here’s your chance to win a grip of stuff from IASC, Powell, Bones Wheels, and Warped Tour.

What did you do for Go Skateboarding Day? Well we wanna see, and we’ve got a ton of prizes to give away. Film your Go Skateboarding Day video on June 21, then upload it to our site (be sure to tag it Go Skateboarding Day. We’ll choose 10 winners and send out the following prizes:

The top two winners will get two sets of Warped Tour tix (one set of 4 and one set of 2).

IASC will be giving away 10 Go Skateboarding Day T-shirts—the top 5 signed by Steve Caballero.

Skate One/Powell will supply a load of product including: 5 Powell Decks and 10 Fun DVDs.
BONES WHEELS will give away 10 sets of STF wheels.
Bones Bearings will give away 10 sets of Bones REDS bearings.